The glass pipes were used in the past was used in making decoration equipment and was not strengthened with any other material. Over the years glass has been combined with other material to make it stronger. This is as a result of the many different tools that are being made using glass. The use of glass has been diversified into mirrors and other important tools like the microscope.

Glass is also currently used in the construction of windows which are used in houses and vehicles. The quality of the glass being used these days is so high compared tot eh ones that were used in the past. It is as a result of the numerous technological strategies that have been included in the making of the current tools made of glass. There are many clients who still find the use of the old equipment made of glass to be very important compared to the new ones. The brands of equipment made in the past are still recognized in the market and can still fetch the high amount of income from the market.

The use of glass has evolved over the years into the field of science where they have been used to make slides that are used in the microscope. With the help of the knowledge in the field of science, the microscope has been used to observe tiny objects that cannot be viewed using bear eyes. There are many people who see the use of the microscope as one of the greatest achievements that have been made by scientists. With time, the type of slides that are being used has also improved, and this means that tinier organisms can be viewed easily using the tool. This is indeed a great assistance that the glasswork industry has been able to provide to another field. Glasses have been used in many fields to help improve the performance of the activities that go on in that respective field.

Currently, the glass pipes and bong industry has become a multi-million industry that has so many producers and many clients. Though there are companies that continue to produce the glass pipes and the bongs in large quantities, there are still local artists who produce them in low amounts. Such artists only sell them within a given region since they are not able to export them or sell them to other nearby markets.