Though the person who contributed to the growth of the glass industry was Louis Tiffany, the father of glass work is known as Bob Snodgrass. He is the first person who thought of making glass pipes that could be sued in experiments and handling of liquids. After using vaporized silver to coat the inside of the pipes to come up with very good glass pipes. His idea is still used in the glass pipe manufacturing industry which has grown to become a very big industry in the world. Most of the factories that manufacture glass pipes have included the methods that
Bob used in the first days. He is also referred to as the godfather of glass-works because he introduced the idea of using glasses to make pipes which were an activity that did not exist in the past. Though there are some aspects that have been added to increase the usefulness of the pipes the idea remains that t was introduced by Bob. Bob ended up settling in Oregon where he met his first student called Hugh. With the help of the student, he was able to increase the number of pipes he used to make, and they were also able to sell them. This is why many people always refer to Oregon as the home of glass work. The first place that is known to have given birth to the modern glassworks is the region of Oregon where Bob settled.

As an effect of the work that he did in the area, many people ended up getting interested in using the glasses and his market expanded. He was also able to teach many people in the area how to come up with glass pipes that they would sell to the already growing market. The industry grew slowly by slowly to other parts of the world and through the use of modern technology people can produce the glass pipes in large quantity.

Soon afterward, another man by the name Tommy Chong came up with another set of items that one would also buy to decorations and other uses. They were crafted in a way that made them look very attractive. The bongs were of different sizes, and this made the large shops that were interested in selling the bongs to open up and start selling them in large scale. If you want to find the shop with cheap and perfect bongs for smoking visit Bong Outlet. The use of the bongs was still tied to the fact that such tools could only be used for smoking tobacco. During this period, this is the best method that people used in consuming the substance. The products produced by Tommy were so much in demand, and some of them would fetch very high prices in the market. Many people wanted to purchase the products, and this is one of the factors that led to the fast growth of the industry.