Glass blowing is an activity that has been in existence for a long duration as a result of the continued demand for glass. There are many uses of glass, and for this reason, many people continue to be in need of the glasses. The process of preparing these instruments has improved over the years, and one can be sure that with the recent improvements in technology, there are a lot of advancements that are likely to take place. The industry has grown, and there are many people who have become part of the industry just to earn some income. Over the years, the quality of the bongs and other related apparatus have improved as a result of the good methods that have been used in the production process.

The history of glass work

The history of glass dates back to the ancient times when man used the pieces of glass to make spears and arrows. The glasses were extracted from places where volcanic eruptions took place since glasses are very much associated with the availability of glasses. In the past, glass was only meant for few uses, and with time the uses have been diversified with every region of the world coming up with a new use for the substance. There are some volcanic eruptions that resulted in the exposure of glass particles on the surface of the earth and with time man came to find out that they could be sued for different functions. The continued invention of different commodities that have been constructed using glass is what has resulted in the development of the glass industry.

Glass work started in Mesopotamia which is a region is known to have a lot of glass as a result of the volcanic activities that took place. During 1500 B.C glass was mainly molded to form beads that were mainly used for decorations. They would be colored using different colors to enhance beauty in houses, homes and even the human body. There are many people who still wear glass beads to date. During this time, glass was also used in making bottles that could be sued for holding liquids. Most companies that sell liquid goods still use the bottles to date. Most companies use them because they can be recycled and do not have high chances of breaking. Most of the glass bottles are also clear which enables the client to be able to see the type of product they are buying and the color of the product.

Later in the 1800’s a glass artist named Louis Tiffany came up with a wider range of products that could be made using glass. He introduced the idea of using glass to make lamps and art apart from the beads that were used in decoration. To date, the Tiffany glasses are still loved by many people. There are many people who still use the glasses for purposes of decoration while others like them as a result of the fact that they are regarded as very quality brands. Glasses that are branded with the Tiffany glass logo sell at very high prices which mean that there are many clients who want them.